About us

Babel Guesthouse is a European owned Guesthouse located in the charming city Siem Reap, only a few kilometres away from the famous temples in the Angkor Archaeological Park. Babel is an intimate guesthouse surrounded by a tropical garden with an outside bar & restaurant area, serving a combination of local and western style dishes. The bar serves a wide selection of cocktails and is the perfect place to kick back with fellow travellers after a long day exploring the temples of Angkor.

Together with our 13 friendly and helpful local staff, we offer comfortable accommodation at affordable prices. We possess great local knowledge that we are more than happy to share with our guests to make their stay here in Siem Reap memorable. We can help not only in English and Khmer, but also French, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, German and Portuguese – and we will give our guests the best and most honest advices in Cambodia or Southeast Asia.

Cambodia is a very poor country – but if wealth were measured by the smiles on people’s faces, Cambodia would be one of the richest countries in the world! 

When you visit Cambodia, you meet a lot of smiles. When you stay in a Guesthouse or a Hotel, or when you eat in a Restaurant, its easy to think “oh the staff here have a job. They smile. They are happy. They have no problems, everything is ok with them!” Too often, this is not the case. In western countries we are raised to be individuals, but Cambodians are raised to think collective – you ARE your family. So, most Cambodians with a job have a whole lot of more people to support, even whole villages.

When getting to know all the staff in Babel Guesthouse, we understand that the salary each and every one of them earns goes out to all the villages where they are from. We collected the story of each and every staff in Babel – and it really gave us a bigger understanding on how our contribution can make a huge difference, not only in the lives of each and every one of the staff, but the lives of all the other people our staff is supporting!

Eath Im - Manager

EATH IM - General Manager

SARUN RON - Front Office Manager

CHANNA CHLONG - Bar/Restaurant and Front Office

SALOMON SOPHEA - Bar/Restaurant

CHAN HOV - Bar/Restaurant

PEASEY NON - Night Guard and Bar/Restaurant

RA POAN - Head Chef



POLLIE - Housekeeping

SREY SOR - Housekeeping

SREY PICH - Housekeeping

SREY RED - Housekeeping

Come visit us all at Babel Guesthouse anytime of the year!


9 thoughts on “About us

  1. I know,but we love you too!!!This is first time that i been to BB and very happy very much!!I think,one day i want to there again!!But i may be can not go….Because!!!!!!!!

  2. BB and SR different to much!!!BB is a big city that have people live there and till 09:30pm..they are go to sleep,but have some people go out side as well..I think like this!!how do u think???Althought BB is very big have may place that we went to:Sompov Mountian,Bamboo trian,……..At for SR is small city ,but have many people go out side till Morning and have many temple that we can go to look there:Staff trip,U can go to drink,dance every time open 06:00 till 06:00am….i think,open 24h…..One more…u can go to angkor wat temple,Angkor Thom,Taphrom Temple,Buntey srey temple,Spean neak,queen13
    temple,Bakong temple,Sras srong,And SR that i live in this place!!!!I really so happy that i known Temple that belong of Cambodia first time too!!!

  3. Ich habe mich im Februar 2013 für 2 Wochen im Babel Guesthouse aufgehalten. Neben dem schönen und sauberen Zimmer ist mir ganz besonders die grosse Herzlichkeit und jederzeitige Hilfsbereitschaft des jungen Teams sehr angenehm in Erinnerung geblieben. Auch den ”hauseigenen” Tuk-Tuk Fahrern kann man sich bedenkenlos anvertrauen. Da wird niemand über den Tisch gezogen. Für mich war es ein sehr schöner und unvergesslicher Aufenthalt. Ich komme wieder nach Siem Reap zurück.

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