We are SO EXITED – Cambodias first recycling machine for hard plastic will turn into reality if we can raise enough money on Naga Earths Green Festival next Sunday!! 17626646_1358419477583601_4878428835395149524_nFor all of you travelers who have been here, and all of you who live here/have lived here – you know how much plastic there is laying around in the Cambodian countryside!

Companies like Rehash Trash and HUSK do a great job recycling soft plastic. And soft plastic bottles are being recycled in this country, and sold to Thailand or Vietnam. But for all the hard plastic in this country, every single toothbrush, lighter, comb, hanger, you name it – there is no recycle system!

The social enterprice Naga Earth is now changing this! Since 2008 Naga Earth has been helping local businesses and organizations to reduce their environmental impact. We at Babel Guesthouse give our used cooking oil to Naga Earth, and they turn it into biodiesel that we use in our generator. We also personally use their environmental friendly hand soap. Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 21.30.52Naga Earth has just started recycling paper, soft plastic and plastic bottles. Staff and Tuk Tuk drivers at Babel visited them for a workshop to learn how easy it actually is to recycle. Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 12.56.40But now (to our big excitement!!!) we can soon also recycle our hard plastic with Naga Earth. THIS is the machine they are in the prosess of building:plastic-recycling-machines-dave-hakkens-netherlands-green-design_dezeen_social_0For information about the machine, and how to recycle plastic, check out Precious Plastics webpage!

We have been storing our hard plastic for a while, and we are PROUD to say that Naga Earth has decided to use OUR plastic as the first plastic being recycled in the new machine when it´s finished. 17757931_10158383039535517_835454985_nHELP US MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!

So – SAVE THE DATE – Naga Earths GREEN FESTIVAL April 9th, from 12.oo-16.00!!

Live music, food and drinks, fun games (very child friendly), recycling workshops and raffle!

We are selling raffle tickets at Babel Guesthouse from today, Sunday the 2nd of April.  1 ticket – 1 usd. 6 tickets – 5 usd. 14 tickets – 10 usd!

The raffle prizes are really amazing, look at this: 17741139_10158383733870517_23175540_n

Do you want to contribute and you´re not here?

Donate via our PAYPAL, and write an email to: with your name, and we´ll fix tickets for you. If you win, we will let you know. Then you simply have to come visit us at Babel to take use of the raffle ticket (hehe) or if you want you can give the prize to one of our staff or Tuk Tuk drivers.

For Norwegians, you can use our Norwegian bank account: 1503.18.55478. Please note the payment with “recycle plastic machine” and your name…


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